Fire precautions on your Android by Dangerous Goods Manual

Dangerous Goods ManualDangerous Goods Manual app on your Android acts as a guide to the users, and helps them in identifying the hazardous materials. The home interface of this app provides you the options like search dangerous goods, classifications and hazard numbers. These options are helpful to identify and know the hazardous materials.

 Dangerous Goods Manual app Features:

  • Dangerous Goods Manual app helps user to identify hazardous materials by providing UN number. UN numbers are generally in 4-digit format and identifies dangerous materials like explosives, flammable substances etc. So, by providing this information to users, they can be in alert position when they face these substances. Classification and labeling summary also provided.
  • The CEFIC ERI-Cards (Emergency Response Intervention) feature acts like a guide to the users in case of fire accidents. ERI-Cards provide the information about safety and immediate actions to be taken, when any fire accident occurs with toxic hazardous materials. But, the guidelines on these cards should not be followed blindly; decisions should be taken wisely, depending upon the situation on the accident field. ERICards consists of substance’s characteristics, its hazards, personal protection, intervention actions and many more.
  • Emergency Action Codes (EAC), packaging groups, transport category and tunnel codes also included in this manual. This app does not need internet connections, once installed; it can be used anywhere and at any time.
  • This app gives details about the hazard identification number which consists of 2 or 3 figures. For example: the number ‘2’ indicate emission of gas due to pressure or to chemical reaction, ‘7’ indicate radioactivity etc.

Finally, we can say Dangerous Goods Manual app on your Android acts as a complete guide to know about the hazardous materials and be aware when any fire accident occurs.
Dangerous Goods Manual Dangerous Goods Manual

Download Dangerous Goods Manual app:

Dangerous Goods Manual app is now available for free and can be downloaded from androidappslabs.
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