Find Current Moon Phase with 3D Full Moon Calendar

Moon 3DThe Moon had its prominent role in the astronomical studies, atmospheric effects, tidal effects and many more. The fact is that, poor guy to rich man, mindless to intellect; every one loves to see the moon. This might be the reason for introducing ‘Moon 3D’ app into the android market. Most of the people usually want to know the phases of the moon so as to start up the new things. So, here is the best app to for those Moon lovers and the app is absolutely free to download.

Moon 3D app on your Android mobile makes you feel like you are watching the moon using the telescope. It depicts the fantastic visual display of the moon phases. Just after you install and open the app, you are welcomed with the instructions to use the app as given below.

Phase Mode:

  • Swipe right to show previous date.
  • Swipe left to show next date
  • Tap date field to select date in calendar
  • Double tap to switch to exploration mode.

Moon 3D

Now you can view the current Moon phase as shown in the figure below. Tap left and right to know the previous and next moon phases respectively. Calendar can be activated by tapping on the date field.

Moon 3D Moon 3D

By double tapping on the screen you can enter into Exploration Mode. It gives you the instructions like, Swipe left and right to rotate moon phase and Pinch to zoom in. You can have a better visualization in this mode as you are allowed to rotate the moon left and right.

If at all you want to view the whole month’s phases at one glance. Just go to menu and select month option, you can see the phases as shown in the screen shot below.
Moon 3D

Download Moon 3D:

Moon 3D is now available for free and you can download it from Android Apps Labs.

Using QR Code:

Open barcode scanner on your android mobile and point the camera on the below QR code to download this app.
Moon 3D QR Code


  1. Well, that is an interesting an amazing application which I can install on my Galaxy S 2 handset.

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