Where’s My Water TOP Paid Android Game Review [Editors PICK]

Where’s My Water is an Amazing Puzzle solving game that has been created by Disney. There are Two Stories, Two Separate Games, Over 200 Puzzles and Updates with the Amazing Application. Cranky the alligator is the toughest player and he has worked up with an appetite from the sabotaging Swampy’s water supply.

Where's My Water Android App Game

Who is Swampy and What Does Where’s My Water Mean?

Swampy is the main character of this Game, Swampy is a Alligator who lives inside the severs of the city, as he’s slightly different from the other alligators. He loves taking a long time shower after doing some hard work but the other alligators have damaged the plumbing and Swampy’ is no more able to enjoy the bath. That’s how the game is named “Where’s my Water?

Basic Information About The Game

Where’s My Water? is a highly dedicated puzzle based game with amazing vibrant graphics, intuitive controls, and awesome game-play experience. Test your puzzle solving skills across 40 amazing levels, practice the game with Cranky’s Challenge mode, a game inside the game itself. The Game sports amazing High Quality Graphics and Game-play experience.

Trailer of Where’s My Water

Review of Where’s My Water?

  • Rating of the Game: 4.7 Stars/5.0 Stars
  • Current Version: 1.3.6
  • Category: Brain Development & Puzzle
  • Android Firmware Requirement: Android 2.1 or Android 2.1+
  • Size: 30MB (Thirty Megabyte).
  • Price: 0.5$
The application is amazing and you would surely enjoy the Gameplay for sure, this application is worth trying and it’s even not costing too much from you. The Application costs small 0.5$ which is not at all a big price.

Download Where’s My Water from Android Market


  1. Hi, Thanks for a great review. I have already completed all the steps. I would recommend readers to definitely go for this game as it has many cool brain teasing stages. Hope we get to play more games like this .

    This Games looks similar to cut the rope but gameplay is very different.

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