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WordPress and Blogger both are most popular blogging platforms of all time. These blogging systems are created by Automattic and Google Inc. respectively. As, Almost all of us bloggers own an smartphone now a days as they’re getting popular day by day. Android is top among the mobile operating systems which has made so much development is small period of time. Blogging from your smartphone

Download WordPress App for Android

WordPress for Android WordPress for Android has been created by Automattic and managed by them too. Using the easy to use rich-text editor you can Create, edit and draft your posts, add links and tags in them. Check the stats of your blog, participate in blog comments, reply or moderate them. Recommended application for bloggers with photo-blogs and short story blogs, where you publish 1-2 paragraph posts.

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Download Blogger App for Android

Blogger App for Android Using the rich-text editor, write-publish or draft on the go. Post on multiple blogs, add images, links and labels in your blog posts using the simple editor. Reply, approve, delete a comment with a single touch. Recommended app for photo-blogs and short story blogs.

Download This Application

With these easy to use applications you can post on your blog from anywhere, whether it is an bus stop or it’s an car :P


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