Transfer Files Without USB Cable on your Android

software data cable Software Data Cable app on Android phone acts as a gateway to transfer files and folders between phone and PC. Most of the people use USB data cable to transfer the files between phones and computers and suppose that USB cable is not available and there is a need to transfer the file urgently to computer from your phone, this situation can be handled easily if you had installed Software Data Cable app on your Android device. This app does not affect your data plan as it uses just WIFI data transfer.

How it works:

Initially, make sure that your phone and computer are connected with same WIFI network. Now open the app and tap on ‘start service’ option to initiate the file transfer and open the internet browser on your computer and enter the address which is provided on your mobile screen. File transfer starts now and your file will be transferred to computer easily and fast. After the transfer is completed, just tap on ‘Stop service’ option and exit from application.

FTP client FileZilla is recommended for faster transfer of files rather than using FTP Client (with drag and drop). To enable this service just open internet browser on your computer and click on tools, now go to internet options, select ‘Advanced’ option and check ‘Enable folder view for FTP sites’. Software Data Cable can also be installed on SD Card.

Software Data Cable app is very simple to use as it directs everything while using. So, install this app and make better file transfers without USB cable.
software data cable software data cable

Download Software Data Cable App:

Software Data Cable app is now available for free and you can download it from Android Apps Labs.

Otherwise, scan the below QR Code using barcode scanner and follow the instructions to install this app.
software data cable QR Code

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