How to Save your Contacts to Google on Android

Contacts to GoogleAndroid mobiles on its first usage generally take your Gmail account and it automatically syncs all your contacts, Gmail, Docs, Calendar etc. However, we can manage these sync settings easily on Android mobiles. Most of the android devices like Nexus One/Nexus S automatically sync your contacts to Google, but some of the devices save contacts to device by default. So, now the question is how to save contacts to Google on such devices?

We will see how the contacts can be saved to Google on android handsets like HTC Sense, Samsung Touchwiz, Motoblur and Huawei.


Step 1:
Just dial a new number and tap on add to contacts option as shown in the figure.
Contacts to Google

Step 2:
It now displays an option to save the number under various options like phone, sim and Google account. Choose your Google account and the contact will be saved.
Contacts to Google

Samsung Touchwiz:

Open up the contacts and tap on plus symbol, you will receive the options to save your contact under phone/Google account. Choose Google account and the contact will be saved.
Contacts to Google

HTC Sense:

In this device we don’t receive a pop up on adding new contact. The contact will be saved to phone automatically.  So, now we have to tap on the contact type and then we will receive an option to save the contact to Google account.


Just open the contacts application and press menu, and then tap on settings option, a popup will be enabled giving you options to save the contacts to phone or Google. Choose Google account and all your contacts will be saved to Google account easily.

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