10 Awesome High Quality Android Wallpapers #1

This is our second post after the welcome post. As we all know that Android is one of the most widely used operating system created by Google Inc. There are many wallpapers of Android available on various websites but most of them are low quality and not very attractive. But we have collected some awesome geeky wallpapers of Android which will make your Android Phone background look great :)

Android Wallpapers

Android Eclair Edition Wallpaper

Android Eclair

Android Donut Wallpaper

Android Donut

Android Cupcake Wallpaper

Android Cupcake

Android Wallpaper Green and Blue

Android Wallpaper 5

Cool Android Wallpaper

Old Android


Playing Androids

Green Color Android logo

Green Color Android Logo

Android vs. Apple iOS!!

Apple versus Android iOS 4

Android Street Acid by Devians

Clean Black Android Wallpaper

Android Wallpaper by Cool PSD Tuts

Cool Android Wallpaper

Android Wallpaper by Clondike

Android Wallpapers 2

These are some cool Android wallpapers available on the web. You can subscribe to us to receive updated directly to your email.


  1. nice photos ..

  2. nice photos

  3. Hey Vikas Bhatt,
    Nice images. Is it possible I can get a copy of these in vectored format?

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