Install Clockworkmod Touch Recovery for HTC One X

The HTC One X is certainly a newly launched handset in the market and its flagship model of the maker for the year 2012. Earlier we have gone through procedure on how to install Clockworkmod Touch Recovery on HTC One S and today we will see the procedure on how to do it for HTC One X quad core smartphone.


Pre Upgrade Instructions

Along with unlock of the boot loaders, follow the below mentioned pre upgrade instructions –

  • Your phone should be HTC One X and it shouldn’t be carrier locked.
  • Regardless of the Android version on your One X you can install CWM. To check for the version of Android follow the path of Menu > Settings > About Phone and check the built number.
  • Please make sure that you have a minimum of 70 % battery life left on your phone. This is to ensure that you don’t run out of battery during the procedure.
  • You need to backup your existing files and make use of the following apps –

    SMS – Use “SMS Backup & Restore app”,ContactsSync with the Gmail application,

    Call Log - Call Log and Restore
    Songs, Videos & Files – Copy to internal / External SD Card,
    APN and MMS Settings – Note down manually via “Applications > Settings > Wireless and Network > Mobile Networks > Access Point Names”.

  • You should enable USB debugging on your phone. To enable USB debugging on your phone follow the path of Settings > Applications > Development > USB debugging and you would be able to enable it. USB Debugging
  • All the antivirus or the firewall should be disable for certain period of time.

Disclaimer : Neither we nor the developer should be held responsible for this firmware. We have ensured that everything is working fine.

Assuming that you have gone through the above procedure we will now proceed for the upgrade process.

HTC One X – Install Clockworkmod Touch Recovery Procedure

Follow the below procedure very carefully –

  • First download the fastboot files on your PC and finally confirm that bootloaders are unlocked on your device using the
  • Next you need to download the Clockworkmod recovery files from the source website. The files are r1-modaco-recovery-clockwork-touch-endeavoru.img and endeavoru_recovery_signed.img.
  • Once the fastboot files are download, you need to extract the zip file.
  • Now copy the r1-modaco-recovery-clockwork-touch-endeavoru.img files to same folder where you have extracted the fastboot files folder and this should make as five files in the folder.
  • Runs command prompt on your windows PC. Click on Start > search for run and then type cmd to get the command prompt. On your PC, go inside the folder where the fastboot files are extracted and inside that folder hold the shift key on keyboard along with that you need to press the right click on your mouse at any empty white space inside the folder. This will give you options and you need to select “Open Command Windows Here” and this will directly take you to the fastboot folder path in command prompt and keep it open. See the screenshot below – Command prompt here
  • Switch off your One X to enter it in fastboot mode. This can be done by holding the volume down button and then pressing the power key. Once you get that select fastboot mode using the volume rockers keys for navigation and power button to select the highlighted option.
  • Coming back to the command prompt you need to type fastboot in the cmd windows and you will see some number or the One X should be listed there. Make sure that you have ADB installed on your PC. Once you get the number you are ready to flash your device for CWM installation.fastboot cmd
  • For flashing type fastboot flash recovery r1-modaco-recovery-clockwork-touch-endeavoru.img and press enter.flashing One X
  • Within sometime ClockworkMod recovery will be installed on your phone and then type fastboot reboot to restart One X smartphone.fastboot reboot
  • That’s it, your HTC One X phone will be rebooted normally now.

With that you have flashed your HTC One S smartphone with Clockworkmod Touch recovery.


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