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Those who have the Galaxy Nexus are having fun with the ICS upgrade. But, the HTC sensation users won’t have to look upon others as the official Virtous Quattro ROM that will give you the excellent upgrade.  Now, serious business. Another intuitive Sense UI is leaked and is based on the latest leaked RUU 3.24.401.1. The ROM is awesome and confirmed to be perfect stable.

HTC Sensation - Install Android ICS Custom ROM - Extreme Sensation

HTC Sensation - Install Android ICS Custom ROM - Extreme Sensation

 Features of Sense RUU 3.24.401.1 ROM [Quoted From XDA]

  • Fully re-edited from the HTC Leaked RUU 3.24.401.1
  • Even though this rom is based on a leak, I can proudly say this is very stable for everyday use, everything works perfectly, only some apps which are known for Ice Cream Sandwich incompatibility.
  • Full Sense Intergration! plus more additoional EXTRAS!!! like those android goodies that you wont usually find in other sense roms. This include overscroll glow effect, semi-transparent 5 row app drawer (thanks to richmondo ), battery % mod built in thx to malybru! some more epic add ons in the ADD ONS section.
  • Android Ice Cream Sandwich Framework integration with Sense 3.6 UI 
  • Great Support
  • So fast! and smooth!
  • Amazing battery life 
  • Amazing optimized HTC SENSE look  for those who loves the beautiful SENSE UI look 
  • NO FLICKERING ISSUE on the browser WITH this rom!
  • Drop Box Built in !!!! !!!!!!
  • Supports HEAPS of languages

Warning for Beginners:

Note: This is an non official update and has to be applied to the Mobile phone using the Recovery Mode in the mobile phone. The steps which are included in this guide are very risky and can even brick off your mobile phone. Unless you are aware with Custom ROMS, Firmwares and ODIN, don’t even try these things on your mobile phone.

Pre-Requisites to Install Android ICS on your HTC Sensation

  • The instructions are working for HTC Sensation, Originally manufactured.
  • Backup all of your SMS Messages using SMS Backup Application.
  • Sync all of your Contacts with the Gmail Application.
  • Copy all of your notes manually to somewhere else, as if in case your mobile phone gets bricked these notes will be deleted from the mobile phone.
  • Take a backup of call logs, APN Settings, and other important things.
  • Charge your mobile phone so that it would be having more than 60% battery.
  • Now, enable USB Debugging Mode in your mobile phone (Settings > Applications >Development > USB Debugging).
  • HTC Device drivers installed in your computer.
  • Follow all steps carefully in order to get 100% assured success.
  • Your mobile phone should be rooted, along with that you should have  Recovery installed (Bootloader should be unlocked..!!).

Installing Android ICS in Your HTC Sensation

Note: We have written each and every step clearly in order to make the update applied successfully but if any wrong step is taken then Neither me nor will be held responsible in case your device gets bricked.

  •  Download Extreme Sensation ROM, 3.24 Revolutionary Firmware, and 4EXT Recovery Updater to your computer and move them to a new folder to prevent any confusions.
  • Transfer all these files to the Root of your SD Card.
  • Power off your mobile phone and boot it in the bootloader mode (Hold Volume Down and the Power button, use volume down button to highlight bootloader and press the power button and it will be selected).
  • Bootloader will tell you that you want to update or not? Select Yes, as the bootloader will automatically detect the file inside the mobile phone which we had transferred earlier.
  • The flashing process will start, and mobile phone will reboot once. The process would take around 5 minutes to flash the ROM.
  • Power off the device and repeat the step 3 but this time select the “recovery” option.
  • In the recovery mode, select “Wipe data/factory reset” & “Wipe Cache partition” one-by-one and the device caches will be cleared off. After this select “Wipe dalvik cache“.
  • Now, Select “install zip from sd card” Locate the “”  file and then wait for the ROM to be flashed, after the ROM is flashed, select “reboot system now”.
  • Install 4EXT recovery, and the flash the file to your SD Card. This will enable Root permissions in your mobile phone using the recovery mode. After this repeat the step 6.
  • Reboot your HTC Sensation, and then try flashing the file using the 4EXT Tool.

Congratulations!! You’ve successfully installed Android ICS in your HTC Sensation.


  1. eguevarra says:

    download link for ROM is not working

  2. Battuvshin says:

    My friend has the HTC Sensation z710 and yesterday I tried to update his HTC’s software. As the result, the phone wasn’t able to turned on, appearing white screen. I tried other versions, but still its happened. Nothing changed and I am very frustrated. Is it possible to solve that problem or what should I do first?

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