How to Update Galaxy 5 I5500/i5503 To Android 2.2 (Froyo)

Today, we’re going to show you, How you can install Android 2.2 (Froyo) in your Samsung Galaxy 5 I5500/i5503. It is always recommended to take a backup of almost everything stored in your mobile phone as a small mistake done by you can brick your Operating System.

Samsung Galaxy 5 Upgraded to Android 2.2 Froyo

Similar, to other unofficial guides, we don’t take any guarantee of damage made by you. So do everything at your own risk.


Things that are required to make the process begin:

  1. A Galaxy 5 mobile phone (obviously).
  2. Android 2.2 Froyo firmware with you. You can Download Android 2.2 Firmware from here: Click Here for I5500 & Click here for i5503 (
  3. ODIN Downloader Software (click here to  download).
  4. Some OPS files (download).
  5. Samsung Data Cable to connect the mobile phone and a windows pc.

Some Special points to remember

Take backup of all data stored in your mobile phone. This process wouldn’t be going to void your warranty, rooting your device isn’t necessary as well.

After doing the backup: Perform a factory reset to avoid any problem due to your custom settings.

Let’s Begin Upgrading to Android 2.2

Process part 1

  1. Download all the files given above and install KIES if you haven’t installed it.
  2. Extract the RAR file, their would be a .tar file inside.
  3. Open ODIN downloader, tick the one Package, auto Reboot & Protect Ops check boxes.
  4. Select the OPS file, which you’ve downloaded recently.
  5. Now, Select the .tar file which we extracted from the .rar file.

Process Part 2

I’ve already told you to take the backup of your mobile data. If you haven’t done so, then do it by opening KIES software and using their backup option.

  1. Now, Restart Galaxy 5 and Press these buttons together: Volume Down + Center Keypad Button + End Call Button (The Downloading mode will start).
  2. Connect your mobile phone to your PC using the data cable, then you will get a message: “the device is ready to use”.
  3. Open up ODIN Downloader (setting should be similar as they were), your phone will show that it’s connected in com port.
  4. Click Start and wait for the process for finish, once done your phone would be running Android 2.2 Finally.

Update: Some old firmwares, in case you do something wrong and you phone gets bricked!

  1. ASIA : ANDROID 2.1 : DOWNLOAD (pass:
  2. Europe: :ANDROID 2.1:DOWNLOAD (pass:
  3. USA :ANDROID 2.1:DOWNLOAD (pass:
This was the tutorial on how to upgrade your Samsung Galaxy 5 to Android 2.2 :) Hope it works for you..


  1. Woww!! Dude it’s working on ma mobile!! :)
    Thanks a lot…..

  2. J’arrive pas a trouver la fichier . Goudron . tar
    je trouve fichier
    et j’ai pas compris comment les utiliser sur odin :'(

    I can not find the file. Tar. tar
    I find file
    and I have not figured out how to use them on odin: ‘(

    • Il suffit de répéter le processus, tout ce que vous avez à faire est attachée les fichiers dans la fenêtre ODIN et fillow les instructions de votre problème sera résolu.

      Just repeat the process, all you’ve to do is attached the files in the ODIN Window and fillow the given instructions your problem will be solved.

  3. Comment faire une sauvegarde de donnée ? :)

    • That’s a pretty unfair question!!, just see any of our post and check the pre-requisites sections and you’ll find the way to backup your device.

  4. stevesaddler says:

    All Multiupload links are dead. Currently running I5500 (Europe) on 2.1 update 1 ((XWJK3?). Do I need to update to 2.2 before 2.3 upwards? If so, new links please and any other info. Thanks

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