Samsung Galaxy S I9000 to JPJV6 (Arabic) 2.3.3 Firmware Update

Galaxy S LogoIn this article we would see on how to install the latest version of Gingerbread 2.3.3 in Arabic version for the best Galaxy Android handset i.e., Samsung Galaxy S GT I9000. This article we would help you to install the Arabic 2.3.3 firmware on to your mobile.

The good thing about this firmware update is that irrespective of what firmware you are on currently i.e., if you are on Android Eclair 2.1 or even Froyo 2.2. Or even Gingerbread 2.3.3 you can directly proceed with the firmware update of your phone just by following the below mentioned procedure. There are few things which would be reset on your phone if you proceed with this firmware update and new users should take extensive care to follow all the steps correctly and not to skip any step mentioned here.

As far as the Arabic version of 2.3.3 JPJV6 is considered there are sever improvements from the previous version if that exists. Few improvements are support of Adobe flash 10.3 optimized for better processing speed. So let’s proceed and see on how you can easily update your Galaxy S GT I9000 mobile to the latest update of XXJVO 2.3.3.

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