Update Samsung Galaxy 7 Tab P1000 To Android ICS 4.0.3 AOKP Firmware

The Online communities were saying that the Samsung Galaxy Tab 7” won’t receive the Android ICS Update for it officially. But who cares?, the modding community has already come up with the Android ICS update that you can install on your device to enjoy the same. Now You can install Android ICS on your Galaxy Tab with the AOKP ROM. AOKP is a custom ROM based on AOSP that’s brings fast performance and and customization on your device.

Samsung Galaxy Tab P1000 Android ICS

Known issues and Bugs on the ROM
  • Trying to centre the clock will result in the clock disappearing ( settings -> rom control -> clock -> clock style )
  • Trying to put the brightness control under the toggles will result in a graphic glitch ( settings -> rom control -> toggles -> brightness location )
  • Horizontal recents menu only uses a small part of the screen ( settings -> rom control -> general ui -> horizontal recents menu )
  • Torch does not work
  • May be more, or you tell me!

Read on to know more about the way to flash the Android ICS 4.0.3 ROM on Galaxy Tab P1000 Android Tablet.

Note: This is an non-official update that has been released by some developer and the official company isn’t the creator of the ROM, there can be a few bugs on the ROM as it hasn’t been released by the company. Warranty of the mobile phone will be voided upon the flashing of the ROM, but it can be retained using the STOCK FIRMWARE.

Warning for Beginners:

Note: This is an non official update and has to be applied to the Mobile phone using the Recovery Tool. The steps which are included in this guide are very risky and can even brick off your mobile phone. Unless you are aware with Custom ROMS, Firmwares and ODIN, don’t even try these things on your mobile phone.

Pre-Requisites to Install Android ICS ROM on Galaxy Tab P1000

  • The instructions are working for Galaxy Tab 7″ P1000, Originally manufactured.
  • Backup all of your SMS Messages using SMS Backup Application.
  • Sync all of your Contacts with the Gmail Application.
  • Copy all of your notes manually to somewhere else, as if in case your mobile phone gets bricked these notes will be deleted from the mobile phone.
  • Take a backup of call logs, APN Settings, and other important things.
  • Charge your mobile phone so that it would be having more than 60% battery.
  • Now, enable USB Debugging Mode in your mobile phone (Settings > Applications >Development > USB Debugging).
  • Galaxy Tab Device Drivers installed in your computer.
  • Rooted device with CWM Recovery installed.
  • Follow all steps carefully in order to get 100% assured success.

How to Install Android ICS ROM on Galaxy Tab P1000

Disclaimer: We have written each and every step clearly in order to make the update applied successfully but if any wrong step is taken then your device can brick, remember Neither me nor thedroidnation.com is held responsible in case your device gets bricked. Proceed at your own risk, and always make sure that you’ve checked all essential pre-requisites.

  • Download the Android ICS ROM for Galaxy Tab from the official development thread at XDA.
  • Power off the tab and reboot into CWM Recovery. To do so, Press and hold the Volume UP + Power Button together and wait for the device to start.
  • Now, Select “wipe data/factory reset” then select “YES” to confirm the same.
  • Now select “Install zip from sdcard” >>> “choose zip from sdcard“, now select the file which you had transferred earlier on the device.
  • After the completion “Go Back” and “reboot system now“.

That’s it, you’ve successfully installed the Android ICS ROM on Galaxy Tab 7 P1000.


  1. Since it is unofficial , I think it may even void the warranty, What do you say, is it safe to install, since I am new to Tab and bought p1000 few days back.

  2. Hi,
    Thanks for sharing this wonderful article. It helped me gain a lot of info.

  3. Garo Mangoyan says:

    Hi there! I had Overcome’s 4.0 ROM installed, I followed the instructions and unfortunately my P1000-GT got stuck at the startup logo. Had to reflash the original ROM via ODIN and back to Overcome. Can you provide a full step-by-step guide, from the point of having Overcome’s 4 ROM installed, as tedious as it might be, for a vanilla P1000?

    Kind thanks
    Garo Mangoyan

  4. Dude, Thanks for this however, it is important also to let all know some solutions for the current problems. for example, on Galaxy tab 7, once you install the AOKP rom, your Phone will not respond whenever you try to make or receive calls. people are saying FS5 rom will solve the prob but I am not sure… please do share if you reserach and come up with any solution

  5. Garo Mangoyan says:

    Hi there! I managed to get the ICS rom going, but only after flashing a different kernel containing the word “slim”. Sorry about not being specific, I tried finding the kernel I downloaded but to no avail.

    As to the ROM, I want to say a HUGE THANK YOU as I simply, see NO REASON to change my tablet! It ran the ROM COMFORTABLY and SMOOTHLY!

    For reference reasons, the hickups I could find include:
    – Flashlight not working (we were aware of that)
    – Phone not working (we were also aware of that)
    – Camera in still shot mode not working (but it is working in panorama mode and video mode)
    – USB storage mode not working

    The last problem is the reason I had to fall back to Overcome’s 4.1.0 ROM, as I need access to the internal 16 GB SD card.

    Everything else was WORKING!! :) 3G! WiFi! Overclocking! AMAZING ROM! Can’t wait for the next build to come out. I tried build 27.

    Kind thanks

  6. Garo Mangoyan says:

    Got it!!! The kernel I used to get out of the boot loop was “slim_kernel_02152012.zip”

  7. Garo Mangoyan says:

    More test results! I decided to test crossing the default AOKP installation (build 27) with different CM9-based kernels.

    Using the CM9-Kernel.070212.tar/zip, the USB storage is working but the camera has stopped working in all modes. It flickers and the image moves from left to right. Will post more testing results.


  8. Garo Mangoyan says:

    And finally, using the “Kernel P1000-130212.zip” kernel (another CM9 variant) the USB storage is working properly and the camera’s 2/3 of functionality are back! Still photo doesn’t work. Panorama photos and videos work.

  9. I M Not able to install ISC On Samsung galaxy tab 7

  10. iam stuck in the startup screen please help!!!!

  11. Im trying to load it up now.. on a Galaxy Tab 7.0 P1000 but I still running Foryo… will this be ok ?

  12. HI, I installed the ROM. One Question: I can not access to the external SD Card with the android filemanager. In the settings i can see the SD Card with its volume. Is it a problem of my installation or a knowen bug ?


    best regards

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